The Breakfast Cereal Information Service


About BCIS

The Breakfast Cereal Information Service is part of  Breakfast Cereals UK (BCUK) which represents all major manufacturers of breakfast cereal products in the UK.

The primary purpose of the BCUK is to act on behalf of its members as a central medium of communication with UK Government, political institutions at a European level through CEEREAL, any trade, regulatory or enforcement bodies and other public/private bodies, where appropriate. In this role BCUK provides advice and information to these bodies and to Association member companies.

BCUK is a member of the European Breakfast Cereal Association (CEEREAL) and also a full member of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

The BCUK's Breakfast Cereal Information Service (BCIS) has been set up to provide easily accessible information on the breakfast cereal industry. The BCIS aims to respond to media enquiries on behalf of the breakfast cereal industry, to contact us please go to our contact page.

BCUK have launched a Roadmap document.

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