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Wake Up to Breakfast Cereal – industry launches new manifesto

Thursday 24th September 2020

You may have seen that Breakfast Cereal UK (BCUK) - the UK trade body for the breakfast cereals industry – has recently published its first roadmap manifesto ‘Wake Up to Breakfast Cereal – A five-point plan’. The plan sets out the case for the nutritional importance of breakfast cereals in the UK diet as significant contributors of fibre and micronutrients to the diet.

The breakfast cereals industry has much to be proud and we have collectively made a lot of progress when it comes to improving the nutritional value of our products.

However, we know that there is more to be done and BCUK roadmap clearly sets out the industry’s five commitments to promote the positive nutritional benefits of Breakfast Cereals. This includes a commitment to help people eat more fibre & wholegrain, a commitment to  continue to reduce sugar and a commitment to make it easier for consumers to understand the nutritional content of our products.

But there is another part to this story. As an industry, we are calling on Government to create a policy environment that facilitates reformulation and recognises the real-world importance of cereals as a positive dietary choice. With 90% of the UK population not meeting the Government’s recommended fibre intake, breakfast cereals are a strategically important food, accounting for significant quantities of population intakes of both fibre and micronutrients.  Therefore, one of our five asks to Government is for measured targets for increasing population fibre intakes to meet the current recommended level of 30g per day for adults.

BCUK look forward to playing our part in delivering our manifesto and continuing to work collaboratively with the UK Government to improve public health.

Click here Roadmap to read more about the industry’s commitments and asks of Government -  Wake Up to Breakfast Cereal – A five-point plan


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